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Citizenship-by-Investment programs give you the opportunity to legally acquire a new passport and an alternative or second citizenship without any hassle. Citizenship by investment programs provide people with the opportunity to possess a second citizenship, getting them all the benefits enjoyed by the residents of the host country.

GCP immigration company is dedicated to provide professional services of assisting individuals and families to get a second passport, Dual Citizenship and citizenship by investment. We provide fast processing and legitimate acquisition of a second citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica, St-Lucia, Grenada and others. We do operate in UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Citizenship by the investment of all the caribbean regions.

GCP ensures that your second citizenship application process goes smoothly and without any hassle. We provide citizenship programs for all the caribbean regions. We do provide services for the people of UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Kuwait.

Our well reputed legal team carries almost two decades of experience and recognition in the immigration industry for providing admirable advice and support. With over a decade of experience in immigration services, GCP provides extensive support to obtain a second citizenship according to your taste and need.

We try to keep it simple and smooth while you sit back and get all the formalities and documentation for any citizenship program done from us. Our well-trained immigration specialists ensure smooth and reliable experience of obtaining a second passport, dual passports and other citizenship by investment programs within stipulated time.

Avail Second Second Passport in Dubai

GCP has the legal and legitimate expertise to acquire Citizenship-by-Investment programs in Dubai. We are a registered firm and we have our own office in Dubai, UAE. Beware of the many second rate or even unlawful "Citizenship programs" available through various agents, companies or the internet.

Most credible citizenship programs offered by GCP:

  1. Grenada citizenship by investment
  2. Dominica citizenship by investment
  3. St-lucia citizenship by investment

What GCP has to offer?

  • Dedicated and experienced team to help obtaining citizenship in stipulated time.
  • Services offered for all the major caribbean countries like Dominica, St. Lucia and Grenada.
  • One stop solution for obtaining dual citizenship across the world.
  • Dedicated customer support even after obtaining passport/dual citizenship services.


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